October 10, 2016


Any agency worth their salt is going to be able to show you their results. We’re ecstatic to share ours.

Without further ado, the work:

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The Challenge

Innovative Express Care was a smaller player in the urgent care space in Chicago. As a newer player, they needed a way to break into a crowded and competitive Urgent Care space in a meaningful (and profitable) way.

What We Learned

Urgent Care facilities are readily available and common in the Chicago area. However, those experiences feel more transactional and impersonal. For urgent care seekers, scheduling, wait times, paperwork, and doctor-patient interactions are all pain points that are going unaddressed within the current market.

The Solution

Transform the perception of the Urgent Care patient visit from a transaction to a relationship.

We first dug into the patient segmentation to understand the different types of patients who seek urgent care in Chicago. we interviewed stakeholders & patients at IEC to test our initial hypotheses and then surveyed patients in order to reinforce our findings.

Having a deeper understanding of our target audience, we created positioning and pillars around the core value proposition “Healthcare Evolved.”

We then developed a digital and above-the-line campaign which included traditional channels, such as print, mailers, OOH, and broadcast, and digital channels to reach different audience segments.

The outcome was a campaign that cleverly illustrated the dichotomy of the transactional churn and burn Urgent Care experience against the more personable and human experience you receive at Innovative Express Care.

The Results

The results showed overwhelmingly how much our audience responded. Our clients experienced a 600% increase in revenue over the first year of the campaign. This provided the jumpstart to the business that has Innovative Express Care well positioned for the future as they expand their practice and services, such as offering concierge and primary care.