December 30, 2015


Stuart Foster
Stuart is a seasoned marketing veteran with experience in brand strategy, research, advertising and marketing startups. From cutting his teeth in Boston during the founding of his own social consultancy to breaking into brand strategy and advertising at Mullen to leading digital strategy on Volkswagen at Deutsch in Los Angeles, Stuart has strived to be at the forefront of marketing, technology and insight development. Now settled here in Chicago and leading Hustlemore as our CEO, Stuart lives, works and plays with his dog Max within walking distance of Wrigley Field (which he considers a close second to Fenway Park). He is also active with The CLA.

Ron Coalson
Ron is a Creative Director with 15 years of experience producing campaigns for brands across the global client spectrum. Specializing in concepts and strategy, Ron has designed captivating projects within all channels including B2C, B2B and healthcare environments. Ron is able to motivate and inspire creative and account management teams to deliver the highest quality products under tight deadlines.

Melissa Cooney
Melissa is passionate about health and wellness, being a Mom, and being an athlete (sub 3 hour marathoner!). Melissa has continued to learn what “health” means and is passionate to bring brands into her world through the multiple channels that she works with to reach each unique audience. After many years of Sports Marketing online, on air and onsite/ experiential opportunities, she jumped into the business development world and Hustlemore and couldn’t be happier!

Melissa is all at once a busy mom, athlete, business women, educator, and volunteer. She has deep experiential marketing and sponsorship knowledge and is excited to work with your brand and expand your footprint.

Virginia Olenick
Virginia has a solid background in both creative and business endeavors. After graduating art school in 2001, she joined Olenick & Associates when it was just a fledgling company of 5 to create their logo, branding, print marketing, and website design. She wore many hats at Olenick including those of Employee Services and Bookkeeper, which assisted in the operations her own business launched in 2006: a unique hair salon/art gallery in Wicker Park that she owned and operated with her sister for 8 years. One of the first “alternative” boutique salons in the city, she created and executed the concept/branding, growing the business into an extension of her and her sister’s aesthetics and personalities. In addition to being a full time stylist, she: created the salon’s logo/branding, staff hiring and management, operations, curated/coordinated gallery/music events to name a few. Most recently, Virginia returned to Olenick to solve a communications issue within the company, now 300 people with employees around the globe. Her solution was the company’s first social intranet, a project that she led from concept to execution. She also had the opportunity to create new internal marketing materials, as well as new branding concepts. Virginia has a passion for concepting/creating/executing ideas, and problem solving; she enjoys taking an abstract idea and creating from that a tangible end product. She is very excited to join the Hustlemore team.

Walter Olenick
Walt forms up the structure and “bones” of our agency. He has been essential to morale and has taught us many new sleeping and smiling techniques. Walt enjoys climbing stairs, eating eye glasses, and playing with his best bud Max.

Max Foster
As our CMO, Max has been engaged deeply in the strategy and creative voice of our agency. He has been integral to our development. Max likes long walks along Lake Michigan, pit bulls, licking your face and sleeping next to his bed.