Why Hustlemore?

Hustlemore Lab

When we decided to launch last year, it took a lot of soul searching, risk and effort on our part. However, we still are frequently asked, why Hustlemore?

After all, we left good paying jobs, the security of working for pre-established organizations and above all the guarantee that what we built would be valuable as a sustainable and meaningful difference.

It frankly was some scary shit.

However, the risk has proven to be quite rewarding. Mainly because of our organizing philosophy and overall mission statement: Hustle, Heart & Smarts. We’ve lived by those words but wanted to share a bit more about our philosophy as well as how we look for potential clients.

We’ve organized our mantra around three core pillars:

Passion, Integrity & Genius. 

It’s with this in mind, we look for those same traits in in all of our partners.

A passionate business owner is one who truly believes in his/her product. They light up when describing their business, and live and bleed for the success of bringing their product to the world. They approach their business with the intent to make a difference in his/her community and the world in which we live, and this shows in the way they manage their business and in the way they select the partners with whom they work.

Though Hustlemore clients represent a broad range of industry verticals, a genius brand offers something truly unique. Whether the product is uniquely innovative and new or just a different way of approaching a problem, innovation and thinking as one who is in the forefront of his/her or her industry is key. Innovation and thinking differently paired with passion is a recipe for a successful, progressive client.

Lastly, a Hustlemore client conducts his/her business, and his/her life, with the utmost integrity. In a business where difficult decisions need to be made, there’s no room for hesitation, dishonesty, and smoke and mirrors. We pride ourselves in having the honest conversations, working for the best interest of our clients and their customers, and being the best versions of ourselves that we can be. And we expect our clients to exhibit the same qualities of honesty & transparency.

We want to work with the best people and brands in Chicago and across the nation. (We already work with a few of them!) We believe that we are uniquely suited for this task due to our philosophy, expertise and dedication. We can’t wait to work and partner with you.

Interested? Let’s talk.

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