Field of Dreams

The Predictive Web

Can you create serendipity? Great marketing provides branding, an experience and utility. Serendipity is usually an after-thought. How can you create a genuine and timely experience for the consumer? Shouldn’t the experience suffice? No. We’re at the point where the timing of the message is often more important then the content inside that message. What[…]

Parasite DC

Parasitic Marketing

(Par-a-site) n. 1.  An organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host. Fill a need. Position accordingly. Profit. It’s that simple. Parasites do this better then anyone. They fill holes in a product and in turn leverage that product’s popularity to[…]

Geolocation Foursquare

What is Geolocation’s Endgame?

Want to confuse someone? Start talking about the importance of geotargeting, user profiles and predictive data modeling. Now ask them if they’ve checked into Foursquare yet. Geolocation is hot. As in, $150-million-dollars hot. Why shouldn’t it be? It blends mobile, contextual information, gaming and serendipity into a relevant experience, enabling users to change their behavior[…]

Stolen Lunch

Steal this Idea

What is originality? Intellectual property and what it constitutes is an interesting discussion these days. What restrictions should be placed on ideas? Not the lawyer’s definition, but the layman’s. Most marketers are of the mindset that stealing is not only sanctioned but should be rewarded. This shift in thinking did not come easily and has[…]