Stolen Lunch

Steal this Idea

What is originality? Intellectual property and what it constitutes is an interesting discussion these days. What restrictions should be placed on ideas? Not the lawyer’s definition, but the layman’s. Most marketers are of the mindset that stealing is not only sanctioned but should be rewarded. This shift in thinking did not come easily and has[…]

Shakespeare Context

Context is King

The web of intent is coming. Want to confuse someone? Start talking about the importance of localized databases and the aggregate collection of data from a wide variety of users. Huh? We are shifting into our new reality; a reality built from our own contextual input, from both a virtual and analog perspective. The world[…]


Cloud Marketing

Content without walls. Platform and channel independence. That’s the killer app of the content marketing world. We’re looking for content that can live in any environment and not only survive but prosper. Technology per usual is ahead of marketing. The buzz word of the last five years has been “cloud computing”. “We’re all in.“ Cloud[…]